• Product reference 02052

Leather Seat Cleaner
leather cleaning spray, 300 ml


Available in large quantities

Leather maintenance was never so easy!

Leather Seat Cleaner is a high quality, user-friendly leather cleaning agent for grain leather surfaces. It effectively deals with dirt, nourishes, removes stickiness, brings elasticity back while being perfectly safe for leather. Comes in a handy can, and the spray foam prevents the product from soaking into the leather, allowing for a longer working time, deep-cleaning the surface. Vitamin E-enriched formula nourishes the leather, protecting it from degradation and leaving natural, non-sticky, fresh finish. Perfect for thorough cleaning, but also for daily care of leather components.


Product reference 02052

How to apply

1Shake the can well.
2Apply the foam onto a clean microfiber.
3Clean the leather by gently rubbing and wiping with the cloth.
4Wipe off any remaining foam od let let the surface dry.

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