• Product reference 02093

Digloss Kamitore Sponge
profiled sponge for rims cleaning


Available in large quantities

A must-have for fans of clean, shiny rims!

Digloss Kamitore Sponge is a high-quality wheel cleaning sponge, designed for safe and easy cleaning of tight spaces. Much more gentle than popular hard stick brushes, Kamitore will surprise you with how effectively it can deal with dirt. A must-have for fans of clean, shiny rims! Unique cellular design effectively removes dirt and fine-grained microfibres dissolve residues without clogging.

Perfect for any kind of rims.

The durable and robust sponge as well as the innovative glue-free fastening create excellent flexibility and durability. Perfect for any kind of rims.


Product reference 02093

How to apply

1Before use, soak the sponge in water. When washing only with water, rinse the wheel thoroughly before use.
2After use, rinse the DiGloss Kamitore Sponge thoroughly and dry. If it is necessary to clean the product, wash it with a neutral pH detergent.

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