• Product reference 02060

4-X Tire Cleaner
dressing for tyres, 470 ml


Available in large quantities

Express spray tyre dressing

A revolutionary tyre dressing which reduces working time by 75%! By simply spraying, it creates delicate foam on the tyre's surface, which instantly binds to the rubber surface, creating a wet-look on the tyre. Its formula, based on two types of silicones, creates an even coating, protects and makes the surface hydrophobic, thanks to which the tire looks amazing for much longer.


Product reference 02060

How to apply

Do not apply the product onto the tyre tread!
1Make sure the tyres are clean. Optionally prepare them with a dedicated cleaner – e.g. Soft99's Stain Cleaner.
2Spray it keeping it 10-15 cm away from the tyre's surface. Wait for about 2 minutes until the liquid evaporates and remove the remaining foam using a microfiber or a towel.

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