• Product reference 10308

Glaco Glass Compound Roll On
glass preparation cleaner, 100 ml


Contents: 100 ml


A versatile glass compound cleaner

Glaco Glass Compound Roll On is able to effortlessly remove even the toughest oily stains or remains of other coatings. By combining the abrasive power of small, hard particles and big soft particles, the Glaco Glass Compound Roll On will help you every time you're cleaning your windows before applying a glass coating.

Invaluable before every Glaco glass coating application!

Thanks to the specially shaped handle, application is very easy and pleasant, and the wide felt applicator covers a large area, making the whole task super-easy.


Contains 100 ml
Product reference 10308

How to apply

1Prepare the glass surface by washing it thoroughly with a pH neutral shampoo and drying it with a towel or microfiber.
2Shake the bottle well and remove the plastic cover.
3Apply slight pressure on the bottle and move the applicator around on the glass surface.
4Rinse the compound with water after the process is completed.

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