• Product reference 02026

New Pitch Cleaner
cleaning agent for permanent dirt, 420 ml


Contents: 420 ml

Available in small quantities

Asphalt or tar dots, tree sap, bug splatter?

New Pitch Cleaner is Soft99's recommended spray cleaner for all tough contaminations you may find on a car's body. Asphalt or tar dots, tree sap, bug splatter? Simply spray New Pitch Cleaner on stubborn stains and observe how quickly it dissolves all kinds of dirt.

Irreplaceable during routine decontamination work or after long periods of not washing the car. The cap can be used to vent gas after use to ensure safe disposal.



Contains 420 ml
Product reference 02026

How to apply

1Spray the agent onto the cleaned surface from a distance of approx. 20 cm.
2Wait for around 1-2 minutes for the agent to react with the dirt. Remove residue with a towel or a microfiber.
3Rinse the residues with water under pressure or wash the cleaned surface manually with a shampoo.

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