• Product reference 10501

QJUTSU Body Coat
quartz coating, 100 ml


Durability: 12 months

Available in small quantities

Body Coat is a single-component coating that is a response to the needs of customers who expect best protection and maximum durability.

Its application is simple and very quick. It is a perfect product for all detailing enthusiasts who want to dive into the world of protective coatings. It is also an ideal solution for professionals who want to provide customers with the highest quality product, while saving time and effort through easy application. 

Body Coat gives lacquers an extraordinary glassiness, depth and shine while creating a physical layer on the surface

Body Coat, thanks to its advanced formula, creates a physical layer on top of the paint that protects against external factors such as road salt, UV rays, bird droppings and sap. At the same time, it gives the paint outstanding glassiness, depth and gloss.  The top hydrophobic layer produced by Body Coat forms a unique loop structure that ensures optimal water repellency. It reduces dirt adhesion while maintaining great water-beading effect. Thanks to this, the car stays clean for a longer time.


Durability 12 mo.
Product reference 10501

How to apply

1Make sure you are applying the product in temperature range of 20-25°C
2Shake the bottle well and open the bottle and place the application plug in the bottleneck
3Wrap the applicator with an attached cloth and let a moderate amount of fluid to drip out onto the applicator
4Spread the coating evenly with an impregnated applicator in a crisscross motion
5Wait at least 5 minutes for the coating to bind to the paint
6Polish the residue with an attached soft microfiber cloth until you achieve perfect gloss
7Leave the car for at least 12 hours in a cool and dry place for the coating to cure

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