• Product reference 00522

Smooth Egg Platinum Liquid
quick detailer, 230 ml


Contents: 230 ml


Boost and repair your coating in seconds!

Smooth Egg Platinum Liquid is simply a pure detailing excellency achieved in the category of quick detailers for coatings. It contains a unique blend of 4 different polymers, thanks to which it strongly improves such properties as gloss and hydrophobicity.

Top-of-the-line water-based sealant technology

Smooth Egg Platinum Liquid is also capable of regenerating and repairing weakened structure of coatings. Used as a stand-alone product, it will greatly enhance the look of your paintwork and bring out an excellent, shiny effect.


Contains 230 ml
Product reference 00522

How to apply

1Make sure the car's paintwork is clean, and that there's no heavy dirt on the car's surface.
2Spray the product on the car paint and spread it around using microfiber cloth
3Make sure not to apply too much of the product to avoid stains. If this happens, polish the surface once again with a dry microfiber.

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