• Product reference 09062

Micro Liquid Compound Light
paintwork cleaner, 250 ml


Contents: 250 ml

Available in large quantities

If you think that simply shampoo washing and using a clay bar will do the job, think again!

During the decontamination process, you won't go far without Micro Liquid Compound, a versatile cleaner for a car's body that will help you remove remains of old waxes or coatings, road film, oxidation and other kinds of dirt that may be deeply-embedded in the paintwork. Additionally, you'll be easily able to get rid of minor scratches and swirls! Work however you like, as Micro Liquid Compound will work either on dry or wet surface. It's a must-have if you want to perfectly prepare your car for protection!

The perfect preparation before applying wax or coating!

Take advantage of its properties and prepare your paintwork for protection in the best possible way! Dedicated for light paintworks.


Contains 250 ml
Product reference 09062

How to apply

Rinse any dirt or dust off the car.
1Prepare your car's body by carefully hand-washing it with a pH-neutral shampoo, drying it and decontaminating its surface using a clay bar or other product of this kind.
2Apply the liquid onto the black side of the included sponge applicator and begin polishing the surface.
3Work in stages, on smaller areas, without allowing the product to dry out completely. Optionally, wet the area slightly before beginning.
4Wipe the cleaner off with a slightly damp towel or microfiber.

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