• Product reference 02076

Wheel Dust Blocker
coating for rims, 200 ml


Contents: 200 ml


A unique, ultrahydrophobic coating for rims in spray form! 

It creates a protective layer on the rims' surface based on nano-silicon particles, which repel water and dirt. 

Attention! This product is intended for aluminum car rims only!

Wheel Dust Blocker protects the surface against dirt and permanent deposits while being super-easy to use.


Contains 200 ml
Product reference 02076

How to apply

Shortly after spraying, the surface gets whiter and liquid streaks may appear. That effect will completely disappear with time.
1Thoroughly wash the rims using dedicated agents and accessories, e.g. Iron Terminator and Digloss Kamitore brush.
2Shake the can well.
3Spray it keeping it 10 – 15 cm away from the rims' surface. Do not wipe off or buff the rims.
4Liquid may accumulate and drip at the bottom of the tyre, in such situation just wipe it off with a microfiber or towel before it dries.
5Let the coating dry. It may take from 20 minutes in summer to 60 minutes in winter. Don't drive the car until the coating gets dry.

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