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Wash Mist PLUS + Glaco de Cleaner



Wash Mist Plus & Glaco de Cleaner – spotless interior, pristine glass

This unique set of two Japanese car care products from Soft99 will allow you to take care of both the interior and the windows of your car. All in just a few moments, thanks to the user-friendly spray formula.

Wash Mist Plus – interior cleaning and dirt repellency in one

Wash Mist Plus is an all-purpose interior cleaner with a powerful, antibacterial formula that will quickly bring your car's cockpit to a high level of hygiene and cleanliness. Invaluable when we happen to eat in the car, travel with children, or when we simply value impeccable tidiness. Perfect for LCD screens and dashboards, safe for plastic, wood or leather. Leaves a 7-day invisible coating that inhibits the accumulation of dirt and microorganisms.

Photo of a Soft99 car care product Wash Mist Plus, inside a drink holder in a car's interior.

Glaco de Cleaner – clean glass, boost the coating

Glaco De Cleaner quickly and effectively removes dirt from glass surfaces, without streaks or smears. At the same time, the hydrophobic additive will complement and boost previously applied Glaco coatings. The unprotected windows will be able to repel water at speeds as low as 60 km/h. Using the product regularly guarantees safe and comfortable driving all year long.

A photo of a Soft99 car care product Glaco de Cleaner being sprayed onto a car window. The product provides strong glass-cleaning porperties, while aiding and boosting the rain-repellent effect of Glaco or similar coatings.” width=


Product reference 04111 + 02188