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Wheels Like New Set


Available in large quantities

Wheels Like New – your wheels will love this set

It's the perfect set for fans of flawless wheels! With its help, you will quickly and safely remove even the most stubborn dirt, both on rims and tyres. The liquid tire dressing will give the tyres an amazing, brand-new satin-like shine. And thanks to the specially designed Japanese accessories, you won't miss a single detail.

Photo of Soft99 car care products that make up the Wheels Like New set.

Digloss Wheel & Tire Cleaner – all-around wheel-cleaning action

Clean your wheels and tyres at the same time! Digloss Wheel & Tire Cleaner bridges the gap between strong brake dust removers and conventional sprays. Based on orange oil, Digloss W&T effectively lifts and dissolves dirt, allowing for more frequent, regular wheel cleaning.

Photo of Soft99 car care product Digloss Wheel and Tire Cleaner, which is used to clean tyres and rims.

Digloss Devil Black Tire Wax – satin shine on your tyres

The included Digloss Devil Black Tire Wax dressing will strongly emphasise the natural black sheen of the rubber, nourish it and give the tyres a pleasant satin finish. In the box you will find two Pitaspo applicators, which you can use to easily coat the tyre, even at hard-to-reach spots near the ground.

Photo of Soft99 car care product Digloss Devil Black Tire Wax, which is a dressing with carbon black pigment that provides satin sheen on tyre sidewalls and 2 months of protection.

Soft99 accessories – get to every nook and cranny

In the set you will also find unique accessories from the Digloss range: the Kamitore Sponge and the Kamitore Brush, as well as two Soft99 detailing brushes, a small (16 mm) and a medium one (24 mm). With these you can perfectly support the action of the cleaners and prepare the tyres for the application of dressing.

Photo of Soft99 car care product Digloss Kamitore Sponge, which is a handy wheel-cleaning accessory with a soft, microfibre head.


Product reference 02098 + 02099 + 02096 + 02093