• Product reference 04169

Glaco W-Jet
liquid wiper, 180 ml


Durability: up to 1 months

Applications: x10 windshields

Contents: 180 ml

Available in large quantities

Short of time and needing visibility? Not a problem with Glaco W-Jet!

The fastest Glaco product to apply! Once the product has been sprayed onto the wet windshield, it only needs the movement of windscreen wipers to take effect!

When heavy rain makes driving difficult, take care of your visibility!

W-Jet has been specially formulated to effectively restore visibility, even in heavy rain! After spraying it on your windshield, the wipers will do the rest for you! As a result, you will be able to enjoy an effective water repellency on your car after just a short while!

Glaco W-Jet is easy to use even on minivans and other large cars!

All thanks to the specially designed bottle and the effective, powerful atomiser which sprays the product under high pressure. Application on the windshield, even on bigger cars, takes only a few seconds!


Durability up to 1 mo.
Applications x10 windshields
Contains 180 ml
Product reference 04169

How to apply

If applied on wet glass: spray onto the windshield for about 3 seconds, then turn on the wipers.
1If applied on dry glass: Wash the car thoroughly and prepare the windows with a dedicated product – Glaco Compound Roll On or Compound Z, then rinse and dry the windows.
2Spray onto the windshield for about 3 seconds, making a Z-shaped motion.
3Wipe off with a slightly damp towel or microfiber, spreading the agent on the windshield. Continue until the windshield is perfectly clear.

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