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Wash Mist + Digloss Wheel and Tire Cleaner


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Wash Mist & Digloss Wheel & Tire Cleaner – opposites attract

A spotless interior and well-cared-for wheels - we combine these two distant worlds with one set at a great price! Try the proven bestseller Wash Mist and check out the new Digloss Wheel & Tire Cleaner!

A photo of a Soft99 car care product Wash Mist placed in the car's cup holder.

Wash Mist – universal, effective, and simply the best

A versatile and effective cleaning agent for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in your environment. It can be used on all surfaces and materials in the car, home, office, and everyday-use objects. Removes dirt, disinfects, and neutralises unpleasant odours.

A photo of a Soft99 car care product Wash Mist being applied on the car's dashboard.

Digloss Wheel & Tire Cleaner – cleans rims and tyres in one go

A powerful tyre and rim cleaner that effectively breaks up and removes brake dust, tar and other types of dirt. Based on powerful orange oil, Wheel & Tire Cleaner is designed to clean many types of tyres and rims safely, and is ideal for use with brushes. The large, profiled handle makes the product easy to work with and can hold brushes and other products from the Digloss range.

A photo of a Soft99 car care product Digloss Wheel & Tire Cleaner being sprayed onto the car's wheel.


Product reference 02182 + 02098