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Extreme Gloss "The Kiwami" Dark + QJUTSU Creamy Shampoo



Extreme Gloss Kiwami & QJUTSU Creamy Shampoo – easy washing, lovely paintwork

The fabulous shine of Extreme Gloss Kiwami wax and the cleaning power of the super-friendly QJUTSU Creamy Shampoo. This duo is sure to appeal to fans of shine and hand-washing your car!

A photo of a Soft99 car care product Extreme Gloss Kiwami wax being applied on a light-coloured car.

Extreme Gloss Kiwami – discover the power of a hybrid wax

Kiwami is a bestselling hybrid wax, the best of its kind on the market. The synthetic formula is enriched with natural Carnauba to give your paintwork an incredible shine and provide long lasting protection. It's a great solution for those looking for a spectacular finish while maintaining good durability. The wax guarantees a darkening effect, glossy paintwork and excellent hydrophobicity.

A photo of a Soft99 car care product Extreme Gloss Kiwami wax being applied on the rear of a Porsche car.

QJUTSU Creamy Shampoo – most user-friendly car shampoo

Car shampoo with a unique, safe formula. It combines efficient washing power with a gentle, pH-neutral formula, so you can easily wash your car while maintaining the protective properties of Soft99 waxes or QJUTSU quartz coatings. Exceptionally user-friendly: it rinses off very easily and doesn't dry on the paintwork, allowing you to work peacefully and thoroughly without rushing. Leaves no streaks or marks. The thick foam and mint fragrance make work more enjoyable. Works great as snow foam.

Photo of a Soft99 car care product QJUTSU Creamy Shampoo being used to wash a car.


Product reference 00193 + 10507