• Product reference 04292

Extreme Gloss "The Kiwami" Shampoo Dark
car shampoo, 750 ml


Contents: 750 ml


Shampoo and wax, all in one step

There are many ways to boost the shine of your car and one of the easiest is the Kiwami Shampoo! Its low-foaming formula with very high wax content will allow you to wash your car and give it an extraordinary shine, all in one step. If the paintwork was previously protected with wax, the Kiwami shampoo will complement the existing coating and boost its look and properties.

High-quality corrugated sponge in the kit

The kit comes with a high-quality corrugated sponge that works great with the shampoo. Kiwami should be applied according to the Japanese car washing method, i.e. directly onto the sponge. This shampoo is dedicated to dark-coloured paintworks!


Contains 750 ml
Product reference 04292

How to apply

This shampoo is dedicated to dark-coloured paintworks!
1Rinse the car with water, washing away heavy dirt or dust to prevent scratching the paintwork.
2Apply the shampoo directly to a wet sponge, create a lather and then wash the entire car.
3Regularly rinse the sponge in clean water.
4Rinse the car and dry the surface using an absorbent microfiber towel.

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