• Product reference 04111

Glaco de Cleaner
glass cleaning agent and liquid wiper, 400 ml


Available in large quantities

Revolutionary 2-in-1 Glaco that cleans and boosts water repellency!

Glaco De Cleaner is an all-purpose glass cleaning agent thanks to which you'll easily remove dirt, bird droppings, dead bugs, dirt, oily film and other unwanted residues from any glass surface by simply spraying and wiping!

The liquid wiper effect

Besides its amazing cleaning capabilities, Glaco de Cleaner can act as a booster for previously applied liquid wipers, making it easy to maintain and prolong hydrophobic effect on glass.

Helpful in all driving conditions

The liquid windshield wiper effect appears from 60 km/h and above. De Cleaner is invaluable also during winter, as it prevents frost, ice and show from sticking to the glass, making winter driving much safer. Eco-friendly, does not contain gas.


Product reference 04111