• Product reference 04953

Glaco Blave
liquid wiper for glass and plastic, 70 ml


Durability: up to 1 months

Applications: x5 windshields

Contents: 70 ml


The first ever Glaco invisible wiper with strong hydrophobic properties for glass and plastics!

Glaco Blave will effectively protect the windows and other transparent elements on your vehicle and guarantee safety when driving in rainy conditions thanks to its hydrophobic properties. Applied on windshields, it's a classic liquid wiper, and as a coating on headlights, helmet visors or motorbike windscreens, it will increase safety and comfort of driving and riding by repelling water and limiting accumulation of dirt.

A versatile product for plastics

Glaco Blave can also be used on motorcycle helmet covers, goggles, fairings and even polycarbonate helicopter windows!

Easy to use

Glaco Blave features a very fast and pleasant application process thanks to its profiled applicator. Simply apply Glaco Blave, wipe with the included microfiber, and the product will take effect immediately.


Durability up to 1 mo.
Applications x5 windshields
Contains 70 ml
Product reference 04953

How to apply

1Before using the product, clean the surfaces to remove all dirt.
2Remove the applicator cap and by pressing the bottle lightly, spread the liquid evenly with the applicator on the dry surface.
3Wipe off immediately with the supplied towel.
No need to wait for the product to dry.

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