• Product reference 04163-1

2x Pitaspo Tyre Sponge
profiled tyre sponge, 4 pcs.



Versatile, profiled sponge

Pitaspo Tyre Sponge is a set of 2 applicators designed to work with tyre dressings, waxes and conditioners. The applicator is made of medium density foam, which can absorb tyre care agents of different consistencies, which ensures even transfer of dressings to the surface of the tyre. Thanks to its profiled shape, Pitaspo adapts perfectly to tyres of any profile and allows precise work, even in hard-to-reach areas at the rim edge or in the contact area between the tyre and the ground. The hard part made of durable foam guarantees a firm grip and protects your hands from getting dirty.

Pitaspo Tyre Sponge


Product reference 04163-1