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Save £7.99
  • Product reference 00177 + 10163

The King of Gloss Dark + Luxury Gloss


Available in small quantities

Maximise the gloss!

King of Gloss stands out from other waxes with its strong shine! It provides great all-around wax experience – smooth glide during application, great hydrophobicity and dirt repellency and a solid 3 months of protection. A must-have on every detailer's list!

Luxury Gloss is a quick detailer that is second to none when it comes to a spectacular finish!

Great at enhancing, maintaining and boosting wax coatings, Luxury Gloss is one of the best-selling Soft99 products in Europe. This pleasant mango-scented quick detailer gives great results on every Soft99 wax coating, offering excellent gloss, colour deepening and fantastic smoothness.


Product reference 00177 + 10163

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