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Detailer’s stash – 5 products to always have at hand
Detailer’s stash – 5 products to always have at hand

Going on a trip in your car? It’s all fun and games until someone makes a mess. Coffee gets spilled, dust and dirt gets in everytime passengers do, and the kids just came up with their best drawing ever, right on the car’s seat. Check our list of recommended products that should always be in your car to make sure emergencies are not a problem.

Detailing Bag – not only for detailers

The list starts with an absolute must-have. Without a quality bag, all the products from the list below will be just bouncing around the car and making a mess. We recommend the Mini version of the bag, because it can fit most products and it doesn’t take up a lot of space. A strip of Velcro at the bottom makes it stable in the back of the car.

Wash Mist – your interior all-rounder

This product needs no introduction. If you get your hands on it once, we’re sure it will stay with you forever. Plastics, LCD screens, fabrics, glass and even your hands. Wash Mist conquers dust, sticky residues and greasy deposits. In addition to cleaning, it disinfects the surface and leaves a neutral, factory-new finish. Simply a must-have.

Super Cloth

You need a microfiber, but not just any microfiber. The perfect one should be big just enough to be comfortable, but not too small to be able to cope with different challenges. It should be thick enough to handle both wet and dry surfaces, and finally, it should be durable so that it can withstand many wash cycles without losing its properties. Super Cloth ticks all the boxes. Is one enough? Probably, but we recommend getting 3 additional ones for different tasks. You’ll thank us later!

Fabric Seat Cleaner / Luxury Leather 

Upholstery care is a whole new ball game. Although Wash Mist can easily solve emergency situations, it’s a good idea to have something a bit stronger on hand to clean fabric or leather surfaces, depending on which type of upholstery can be found in your car. Fabric Seat Cleaner and Luxury Leather can both be used as quick detailers, for regular, quick removal of everyday dirt. Additionally, Fabric Seat Cleaner will do wonders locally, on smaller spots, and Luxury Leather will also work great on plastics – dashboard, door sides, seat belt buckles etc.

Glaco De Cleaner

Clean windows are a must not only for comfort, but also for driving safety. It’s great to save time and effort by choosing a glass cleaning agent that will keep streaks and smears to a minimum. Glaco De Cleaner will work great both on the inside and the outside. The hydrophobic additive will take care of your driving comfort in the rain or will act as a booster for previously applied Glaco coatings.

Looking for other products? Check out the ready-made sets we've created for you:


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